Thank you so much for your TENS device! I was able to attach the pads, lay back in front of the telly, and totally relax. And I didn’t have to feel guilty for lazing about afterwards – my muscles were still working!

Sara A., CA

A one time investment and its totally worth it! I use it almost daily and it really does relax me. Thank you Unimed!

Iggy R., CO

Easy to use, totally adjustable to suit my comfort, and the best part, totally private.. Thank you for the Unimed Massager. I’ve since been able to reduce my physiotherapist visits, and instead, enjoy myself relaxing at home (and save money!)

Matt S., NY

Thank you so much, very happy.

Amy P., NC

My chiropractor uses a TENS massager before every adjustment! So now that i have my own Unimed Massager, I apply the pads to my sore muscles almost every night, and am saving on chiropractic visits!

Vince H., TX

Fantastic item! Thank you so much!

Chan C., MI

Great device, easy to use, and easy to adjust. I use it at the office during long periods of sitting!

Rosa T., OR

I play a lot of team sports so its important for me to maintain practice sessions. But with a build up of sore muscles, and recently, a strained hamstring, I purchased the Unimed Massager and boy I wish I had bought it a lot sooner! The great thing about it is, its so light weight and easily portable, I can apply it anywhere, anyplace. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is active with sports.

Jason Y., CA

Thanks for the Unimed Massager. I also bought the Massage Belt and highly recommend it!

Gina W., NV

Very pleased, highly recommend!

Marty C., WA